Pengamat Ini Puji Strategi Ekonomi Presiden Jokowi 

Zuratul 1 Jan 2023, 21:08
Presiden Joko Widodo. (Fakta.News/Foto)
Presiden Joko Widodo. (Fakta.News/Foto)

RIAU24.COM - Makassar State University (UNM) economic expert Andika Isma acknowledged President Joko Widodo's strategy in strengthening the national economy to face the threat of an economic crisis in 2023.

According to him, many observers and experts predict that 2023 will be dark and many countries are certain to experience a recession.

However, for Andika Isma, Indonesia is still safe from the threat of recession.


"In terms of execution, Jokowi is very good. If the impact is most felt, it is right for Jokowi's era. He who makes policies about the mining industry, according to him, the mining products are not just raw that are sold or exported, but have been managed or processed new in exports so that they are more expensive," said Andika Isma to reporters, Sunday (1/1/2022).

Andika said that the global economic outlook in 2023 will be dark because it is overwhelmed with very high uncertainty. However, Indonesia can survive with these conditions because Indonesia does not rely on exports alone, but also on domestic consumption.

"Indonesia is still in good condition and is expected to be able to survive the global recession. Why can? because Indonesia is different from other countries that rely too much on exports. Indonesia's economy relies more on domestic consumption which is expected to continue to improve in line with the disappearance of the pandemic," he said.

Indonesia's economy, said Andika Isma, remains strong with a fairly high export income, namely mining commodities. "In terms of exports, Indonesia will also still be helped by the high price of commodities, including mining noodles," he said.

Furthermore, Andika, Indonesia will also feel the impact of a global recession if it really happens. However, the impact does not have much effect because commodity prices will continue to soar and it will automatically benefit Indonesia.

"Well in 2023, the Indonesian economy does have the potential to experience a slowdown, but not until the recession. The recession will not reduce commodity prices, but in fact it will still remain high and automatically benefit Indonesia," he explained.

"It is estimated that some observers of Indonesia's economic growth are slowing down, unable to reach the target above 5%. That was the bad scenario. The best-case scenario, it can still grow above 5%. To anticipate a global recession, the government must still maintain the confidence of business actors, and ensure that the pandemic is really over so that the economic recovery process continues," he added.

Andika Isma also admitted that Indonesia is currently splashing trillions of rupiah from the sale of raw mining materials of IDR 173.5 trillion or around 170 percent and that exceeds the target set by the government in 2022 yesterday.


"Based on data, from the Director General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, there it recorded how Non-Tax State Revenue (PNBP), from the mining sector was indeed RP 173.5 trillion. Or around 170 percent which exceeded the target set by the government, which was originally only Rp 101.8 trillion, exceeding the target to 173.5 trillion," he said.

"Well, that's the data accumulated based on the report as of December 16, 2022. Arguably, indeed, the price of the commodity is indeed brilliant. This price occurred due mainly to the increase in coal prices, which are currently skyrocketing in price amid the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. So, indeed that is the main cause. Based on the data, related to mining, PNBP achievements through mining commodities are currently brilliant," he concluded.